About Us

CB Resource, Inc. (“CBR”) serves its National network of community bank clients by providing actionable intelligence, risk management and planning solutions. CBR solutions are the new standard when focusing on strategic growth, operational efficiency, enterprise risk, regulatory compliance and increasing shareholder value.

Since joining forces with Finance 500 (“F500”), a national leader in fixed income products for community banks, CBR has significantly expanded its capabilities and is positioned to provide its clients with innovative solutions to anticipate and solve their growing regulatory and value creation requirements.

What makes us better and different: “Our knowledge, product design, speed and price. We are the only firm that seamlessly integrates strategic planning, capital planning, and ERM.”


Our mission is to be the first resource in providing community bankers quality information, industry insights, planning tools and risk management solutions; always accurate, always timely, and always valued by our clients.


To make an indispensable impact on creating value for all community banks.