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December 21, 2016: CB Resource, Inc. Launches “Call Report Analyzer” App in CB BankAnalytics™ Read More

October 18, 2016: CB Resource, Inc. Adds "Strategic Forecast/What If" App to CB BankAnalytics™ Read More

June 8, 2016: CB Resource, Inc. Adds "Capital Risk Analyzer" APP to CB BankAnalytics™ Read More

March 15, 2016: CB Resource, Inc. Launches the First Release of CB BankAnalytics™ Read More


March 17, 2015: CB Resource, Inc. Elevates Integrating Audit Schedule With Enterprise Risk Assessment Read More


October 30, 2014: Webinar: Implementation - A Primer to a 5 Step Process Read More

August 11, 2014: CB Resource, Inc and RLR Mangagement Consulting, Inc Join Forces to Better Serve Community Banks Read More

June 3, 2014: CB Resource, Inc and Finance 500, Inc Join Forces to Better Serve Community Banks Read More


August 27, 2013: CB Resource, Inc. Introduces Risk Appetite and Risk Profile Solution Read More

March 6, 2013: Community Bankers 2013 Top Challenges Reflect a Shift in Sentiment Reports CB Resource Read More


August 8, 2012:  CB Resource Webinar on Basel III Impact Includes Customized Capital Impact Report Read More

July 12, 2012: The Impact of Proposed Basel III Capital Rules on Community Banks Reviewed by CBR & VTD Read More

March 15, 2012: Community bank Industry 2011 Performance Report by CB Resource, Inc. Reflects Favorable Trends Read More


October 11, 2011:  CB Resource Launches its “Best Practice” Suite of Assessments Read More

September 15, 2011: Community Bank 2011 Q2 Top 10% Performers Report Available Read More

June 27, 2011: CB Resource, Inc. and Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Company, LLP Partner on Best Practice Webinar Read More

June 22, 2011: CB Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Strategy Program Now Available Read More

May 11, 2011: Community Bank 2011 Q1 Top 10% Performers Report Available Read More

April 7, 2011: CB Resource Press Release: New Website and Capabilities Read More