Key Features

  • Capital Forecast: Three year multi-scenario outlook reflecting capital impact and stress test.
  • Risk Profile and Assessment: Details your Inherent Risk, Adequacy of Risk Management and Direction of Risk in key risk categories.
  • Contingency Plan and Triggering Events: Defines events that trigger bank’s contingency plan and outlines key responses.
  • Capital Goals: Customized to reflect your strategic requirements.

Key Benefits

  • The Plan: A comprehensive document that is customizable to clearly define your capital goals, risk management approach and capital contingencies.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with the elevated conditions set forth in capital planning and risk management standards (Including OCC Bulletin 2012-16).
  • Multi-Purpose: Plan research and analysis strengthens strategic plan and internal audits.
  • Fast and Affordable: Supports rapid development at an attractive price.