CB Resource recognizes that each community bank may be different and at a different place in implementing their ERM process.  With that in mind, we have developed a suite of alternatives designed to meet the specific needs of each of our client’s ERM requirements.  Our ERM solutions are modular in design, whether you are looking to fully implement an entire ERM process, implement it in phases, or enhance your existing process; we have an approach built for you.   Our proven five step process is routed in COSO’s top down model, and effectively supports your bank’s ability to document and administer your risk identification, measurement, monitor and control processes.  Additionally, we provide the ongoing support to maintain an effective ERM process.

ERM Solution™

A comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management solution which includes all the necessary components for a bank’s management team and board to implement a forward-looking fully integrated ERM “process.”  Whether you are just starting or looking to enhance your current process CB ERM Solution will support your goal on implementing an ERM process.


CB ERM Policy, Risk Appetite & Risk Profile™

The perfect solution for the community bank that wants to kick off its ERM implementation process in a relatively short time frame with significant and satisfying results. It is also beneficial for those banks that have implemented an ERM process, but may want to drill down in a comprehensive and “top down” manner. This solution includes everything you need to establish your ERM policy, define and develop your “Risk Appetite” (Risk Tolerances), “Risk Statements”, and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment designed to generate a well-documented “Risk Profile”.


CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis™

The CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis™ is a 3-part comprehensive management report designed specifically to monitor and track your banks key risk indicators and financial performance. The

Trend Analyses section of the Report compares your bank against your custom peer group and your UBPR peer group, as well as other benchmark data provided by you. This allows your board and management team to quickly assess the impact of historical strategic initiatives and how your bank stacks up against the competition.


CB Risk Appetite™

A customized solution to assist your bank with developing your bank’s risk appetite, drafting risk appetite statements and selecting the appropriate Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to effectively monitor your bank’s performance linked to your risk tolerances.


CB Enterprise Risk Assessment and Audit Schedule™

CB Enterprise Risk Assessment and Audit Schedule™ is an integrated solution to assist your bank with conducting and documenting a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Assessment ("ERA") and integrating your audit schedule. This report provides the level of detail and analysis to support the bank's ability to align its audit schedule with the bank's risk profile. The report includes an Executive Summary, Audit Schedule (by risk category) and Enterprise Risk Assessment.