CB DIY Strategy™

The purpose of this bank strategy product is to provide bank leadership with the tools, information, and process to develop a dynamic strategic plan that drives sustainable shareholder and customer value.  The CB DIY Strategy™ components and suggested process are rooted in best practices and are aligned with regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Strategic Plan Template: 60 – 85 page draft document ready to be customized to reflect your bank strategic planning process, goals and objectives, and action plan.
  • Custom Research & Planning PowerPoint: 90 slides including economic trends, industry trends, capital market trends, regulatory trends, your bank’s performance trends, peer and competitive analysis, target market analysis and more.
  • Valuation and Growth Model: An efficient Excel model that allows you to conduct “what if scenarios” for growth, ROAA, ROAE, leverage ratio, book value, and market value equity.
  • Planning Workbook: Serves as a companion tool to the planning template and research.  Designed to capture and integrate your strategic observations and analysis.
  • Strategic Planning Model: Flow chart that illustrates a successful strategic planning process.
  • Professional Coach: A virtual coach to support you through your strategic planning process.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • Targeted Plan of Action: Professional and fully documented plan, with a clear course of action.
  • Focus: Spend your time developing your strategy, not assembling the content.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports the discipline and practice that regulators are requiring.
  • Board Support: Provides the discipline and rigor that BODs can get behind.
  • We Do A Lot of the Heavy Lifting: We coordinate, compile and produce the key deliverables.
  • Proven Process: The process and model are built on strategic planning best practices.
  • Our Coach: Our professional coach will assist you with navigating the entire process

For more information or to order your CB DIY Strategy™, please fill out our contact form or contact us directly at (949) 502-6861.