CB Loan Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™

The purpose of this quarterly CB Loan Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™ is to provide your bank with a comparative summary of selected financial information surrounding the loan portfolio. The report contains peer group graphs and tables comparing your bank with your Custom Peer Group and UBPR Peer Group. The performance and composition data contained in the report can be used as an aid in evaluating the loan portfolio as it relates to growth, composition, yield, and asset quality.

Key Features

  • Scorecard: Assigns point values to specific metrics which results in scoring and ranking your bank against your custom peer group.
  • Key Metrics: Over 40 key measurements drawn from your bank’s and peer’s quarterly call report.
  • Peer Groups: Includes custom (strategic) and UBPR based peers groups.
  • Actionable Information: Performance metrics that lead to and support better business decisions.
  • Charts and Graphs: Each key measurement is clearly illustrated in easy to understand charts and/or graphs which include trend lines, for your bank, custom peer group and UBPR peer group.
  • Trends: Tracks five years history.
  • Frequency: Produced quarterly.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • Alignment: Aligns management and the Board on key factors that drive loan quality, growth and yields.
  • Clarity: Clearly illustrates how your bank is performing in areas that drive loan portfolio value and how you rank versus your peers.
  • Consistency: Supports your ability to set up a consistent process to track and respond to important business performance areas that drive value.
  • Policy: Supports strategic and operating goals, sets standards for policies related to compensation, bonuses, product growth, yields, and asset quality.
  • Efficient & Affordable: Annual subscription falls well below the cost of staff’s time and effort to produce timely and accurate reports.

viewsample  CB Loan Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™

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