CB Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™

The purpose of the CB Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™ is to provide the bank’s board and management team with a timely and high quality peer bank analysis tool that supports their efforts to create maximum shareholder value and achieve the highest level of operating performance.

Key Features

  • Scorecard and Bank Analysis Report: Assigns point values to specific metrics which results in scoring and ranking your bank against your custom peer group.  The scorecard includes: Asset Growth, ROAA, ROAE, Net Interest Margin, Non-Performing Assets, Efficiency Ratio, Non-Interest Income and DDA penetration.
  • Key Metrics: Over 40 key measurements drawn from your bank’s and peer’s quarterly call report.
  • Bank Peer Groups: Includes custom (strategic) and UBPR based bank peer groups.
  • Actionable Information: Bank performance metrics that lead to and support better business decisions.
  • Charts and Graphs: Each key measurement is clearly illustrated in easy to understand charts and/or graphs which includes trend lines for your bank, custom bank peer group and UBPR peer group.
  • Bank Trends: Tracks five years history.
  • Frequency: CB Peer Scorecard and Bank Analysis Report produced quarterly.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • Ranks Performance: Clearly illustrates how your bank is performing in areas that drive value and how you rank versus your peers.
  • Alignment: Aligns management and the Board on key factors that drive bank value.
  • Risk Assessment: Can be used to support risk assessments and ERM processes.
  • Consistency: Supports your ability to set up a consistent process to track and respond to important business performance areas that drive bank value.
  • Policy: Supports bank strategic and operating goals, sets standards for policies related to compensation, bonuses, succession, products, and budgets.
  • Efficient & Affordable: Annual subscription falls well below the cost of staff’s time and effort to produce timely and accurate reports.

viewsample  CB Peer Scorecard and Analysis Report™

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